Environment/Health Campaign for Cambodia

Environment/Health Campaign for Cambodia has been designed by Coway in a humanitarian effort to supply clean water to residents who live drinking water of very poor quality.
As Cambodia, one of countries with poor water quality, is suffering from water shortage and water pollution, Coway has been proactively contributing to solving water problems and improving water quality by digging wells to supply drinking water in the region every year.
The voluntary group members also installed toilets to fundamentally protect water pollution, and they directly some pictures on the walls for kids.

Happy Well Project

Happy Well Project data
Category 2011 2012
Number of volunteers who travelled to Cambodia 17 22
Number of wells Donated(cumulative) 650 767
Number of Benifiting Villages 13 villages, 6 townships, 4 counties, 2 provinces 23 villages, 12 townships, 4 counties, 2 provinces

Total Number of Wells


Total Number of Wells Donated by Coway


Happy Well Project (Cambodia) Overview