Based on '3C' COWAY is creating 'clean coway' culture

We understand the importance of our role as a good corporate citizen to cultivate a healthy corporate culture and to fulfill our social responsibility through 3C.
3C means Code of Conduct, Compliance Check Organization, Consensus Ethic Education.
By putting 3C into our organiztion culture, we are committed to become a trusted and respected company.

Coway Ethical Management ā€˜3Cā€™

Code of Conduct

We establish codes of ethics for all employees of Coway to follow as a basis of judgment for right actions and values, and we are committed to practice.

Compliance Check Organization

Coway made a ethical management team for activation and execution of ethical management. Ethical management team is made up of the legal team, the diagnostic team and compliance team. They can prevent a variety of ethical risks in advance.

Consensus by Ethic Education

We develop and carry out education programs via the online and offline channels to increase ethical awareness among employees and motivate them to incorporate ethics in conducting their work.