Our Approaches

Guided by our strong vision and mission for environmental management and clear mid to longterm targets for climate change response, Coway is making sustained efforts to minimize negative environmental impacts associated with our business activities. In 2012, we further advanced our integrated environmental management system by improving the Hazardous Substance Process Management (HSPM), expanded the take-back and recycling programs, and strengthened environmental impact management. We also continued our efforts for climate change response and GHG emissions reduction with the establishment of the carbon life cycle assessment information system, and focused on creating safe and healthy working conditions for our employees through the integrated EHS information system and employee health promotion programs. Furthermore, we are constantly expanding our line of Eco-friendly products by identifying greener product elements and incorporating them into our R&D process, and creating a virtuous cycle of turning our environmental management initiatives into products and services.

Environmental Audit & Monitoring Process

Based on our environmental audit and monitoring system, we perform regular environmental audit on internal organizations and suppliers. In order to improve the effectiveness of the audit, we also conduct regular and ad-hoc monitoring on environmental initiatives and performances from each management sector. In the 2012 environmental audit, our total score rose by 4 points compared to the previous year (5.3% YoY gain). The improved performance was attributed to our improvement in the resource recycling – managing environmental standards information on the performance management system by utilizing information technology and improving recycling and refurbishing rates. However, our performance in the environmental organization and awareness criteria declined with a decrease in employee training & campaign and the Eco-way council activities from the previous year.