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Coway Bidets are the market leader in features, efficiency and cost. Building and designing bidets since 1989, they have over 25 years of experience and have consistently turned out new models with incredible features.

Here at, we believe that Coway bidets are the pinnacle in bidet design. We feel that they provide the best value for money as well as the best features which has been backed up by critical acclaim. Coway bidet’s have been voted the best in the world, two years running at the World Design Awards.

We provide bidet’s for the mobility impaired, the chronically ill and those with sensitive skin. Once you have used a bidet, you will wonder how you ever went to the toilet without it. If you’ve been to Japan and was amazed at the futuristic capabilities of their toilets there, then we have the product for you.

Is Australia ready for the Bidet?

Australians are really dedicated to being clean and showering more than most countries. Toilet paper is used by Australians to clean and by the truck loads. Contrary to popular belief toilet paper has a tendency to irritate the skin, if you rub too hard. Toilet paper though is not a sanitary way to clean, it leaves residue in the anal area, this can lead on to cause problems.

A good way to compare it is, you wouldn’t wash your dishes with a tissue and then reuse the dish? You also wouldn’t take a shower by wiping your arm pits and genital area with a toilet roll and throw on a new pair of clothes? If this is true then why do Australians continue to wash themselves with toilet paper and not water. What better way to be washed than with water, natures bathing solution.

The market for bidets in Australia is still in its infancy but has grown tremendously in the last few years. A lot of Australians in fact are already using a bidet and they are starting to appear in many luxury hotels and casinos.  Once this way of life is adopted by Australians YOU will wonder how you ever lived with a bidet.

Why would you use a bidet, you ask?

Well bidets are the perfect solution for both men and women. The bidet offers a hands free approach and a remarkable washing experience. This is in place of the traditional way of wiping with your hands. Yuck!

It is a helpful way to improve personal hygiene and cleanliness. It is also massively popular among senior citizens, disabled people and hospital patients. Still, bidets should be used by everyone. They offer a far superior wash and a really needed to keep a healthy and active lifestyle.

After you experience the feeling of superior cleanliness, you will never go back to toilet paper. Trust me, I know 🙂 If that doesn’t convince you, then think of all the animals you will be saving by reducing the devastation to the rain forests to make the toilet paper you use.


About Coway

Coway is the only company that has it own R&D department, designs its own products, builds it own products and sells to the world. All other bidets are manufactured under OEM where certain bidets are re-branded for every different companies brand. More information on what OEM can be found here.